About Me

Classical Renaissance Portraiture

My Background

Everyone is given spiritual gifts, through which we express ourselves in many meaningful ways. One of mine is in capturing  special moments and images in my painting. I've always been drawn into the arts, and have had the privilege to study under several master artists at the Academia Delle Belle Arte in Florence,Italy; Johnnie Lilledahl art academy,  a wonderful master mentor, Frank Covino in classical academinc painting and most recently with John and Suzie Seerey-Lester at Triple D Game Farm on photo realistic North American animals.

Oil painting studio

My Medium

My primary media is oil painting on panel or linen canvas. However, often many studies are prepared in pastel, watercolor or pen and ink to develop the subject. I often make these available as small giclee cards. Field sketches manifest ideas which translate into individual styles given the different mediums used.

Student of John Seerey-Lester

My Inspiration

I am always surprised to see my subjects, animals and plants emerge from my paintings. It's as though they were captured within the white space and suddenly are set free. I've studied academic art, realism, color theory; in essence, 'the rules' and yet it is simply the desire to create and record a moment in time that leads to my inspiration.  

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